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sports are rad

** flashback to when times were cool** (Feb 2018) On the magnificent day of the SuperBowl in 2018, I recall the impression sports have played in my individual life. I understand this may sound cheesy, but sports have truly been an integral aspect of molding me into who I am today. Sports have taught meContinue reading “sports are rad”

top 5 times when life hits different

As of late and during this irregular time of quarantine, I have been watching a lot of TikTok. As a 28-year-old chap, I thought I would never mess around with TikTok, but damn, here I am writing about a TikTok trend I’ve seen as of late. Let’s hop right into the top 5 times when life just slaps differently with absolutely no worries in the world. (According to a 28 year old idiot.)

hi, i’m matt.

To this day, I wouldn’t consider myself a drug dealer, but just irregularly sold drugs to a select few of the homies back in the 801. Sadly, I didn’t follow the “10 Crack Commandments” and stayed getting high on my own supply so this process did not last long. But tbh, I was just trying to get some money to buy more and more narcotics.

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